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Since Monday is the first workday of a new week, it’s important to start it with a recharged and positive attitude. We are sharing some Monday blessings images, photos, quotes, greetings, and pics to start your day. Share these with your friends and family and send them the best blessings ever to inspire them. #MondayBlessingsMondayBlessings

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Some inspirational words and a true prayer from heart can make a big difference to your day. Wish your friends and family a Happy Monday in the morning and afternoon to keep the positive vibes going. Encouraging words have the power of healing and thus we appreciate spreading these religious and spiritual quotes, wishes and cards.


  1. It’s Monday, wake up and be great.”

  2. “Monday is a blessing. Enjoy every minute of it.”

  3. “Cheers to the beginning of a new week. Happy Monday.”

  4. “Stay brave, stay strong, achieve success. Happy Monday.”

  5. “May this week be a productive one for you. Happy Monday.”

  6. “Here’s wishing you 100% laughter this week. Happy Monday.”

  7. “Monday is the first day of a new week. May all your dreams come true.”

  8. “May this Monday come with the fulfillment of your aspirations and dreams.”

  9. “May you find joy in your labor this week. Beginning from this Monday may you enjoy fruitfulness.”

  10. “Mondays are a fresh start, new beginnings, blank paper. Determine what you want to make of it. Happy Monday.”

  11. “As you set to begin the week I pray that God directs your path and protects you from they that seek the destruction of your Joy. Have a blessed day.”

  12. “As you set to begin a new week I pray that no difficulty you encounter today won’t knock you out. Have a lovely day and a blessed week ahead of you.”

  13. “As you begin today, I pray that your life radiates God’s favor all around you. May joy not cease from your heart because these Monday blessings are unlimited.”

  14. “Bless the Lord for making you see this day. I pray He guides and directs your path today and through the rest of the week. Hope you have a blessed Monday!”

  15. “Monday it is again! I pray you to break through every setback that you encounter all through last week. May you find a reason to remain happy throughout the week. Remain Blessed.”

  16. “My prayer for you today is that every circumstance you come across today shall be a stepping stone to greater heights. I pray for this Monday morning to be nice to you, Have a great day.”

  17. “May this day be filled with gladness and Joy. May God’s grace and mercy follow you from today and all through the rest of the week. Hope you have blessings filled Monday spiced with joy.”

  18. “Thank God it’s Monday! I decree in your life that every stumbling block on your way to success shall give way to exceeding greatness. Have a pleasant day. Monday blessings will follow you.”

  19. “I pray that today will be the start of great and exciting things in your life. I hope your week is filled with laughter and gladness. Have a glamorous day because you are a blessing to our generation.”

  20. “May the light of God shine brightly upon your life, May people see Christ and his marvelous deeds in your life as you step out to begin this Monday and the week ahead. I pray you to enjoy the day. Stay blessed.”


    1. “Today’s Monday. May beautiful things locate you this week.”

    2. “Good morning. May success be yours today. Happy Monday.”

    3. “The game plan for this Monday: be positive, stay positive no matter what.”

    4. “Good morning. Here’s wishing you a blessed Monday and an awesome week ahead.”

    5. “Mondays can be hard, but what keeps you going is on the inside. Keep going. Be great.”

    6. “I hope things turn out to be better for you this week than they were last week. Have a great one.”

    7. “Here’s sending you kisses and hugs this Monday morning to cheer you up for the week ahead.”

    8. “After a weekend of playing hard, it’s hard to get into work mode. You just have to try. Have a splendid Monday.”

    9. “As you start the week I pray that you experience a total positive turnaround. Have a great day! Remain blessed.”

    10. “May your life attract favor and goodness this week. May you not labor too hard for anything good. Happy Monday.”

    11. “Here’s wishing you a Monday full of happiness. May you be filled with all the energy you need to see you through this day.”

    12. “May great and wonderful blessings of the day visit you and dwell with you. This Monday is definitely going to be great. I wish you an awesome day.”

    13. “I believe today would be a good day. I wish you all the best things life has got to offer to you. May your day be lovely and your week amazing. God bless you.”

    14. “I wish you Monday blessings, my dear. I pray that all your expectations shall not be cut short. May you find a billion reasons to give thanks and be happy because you are blessed.”

    15. “Welcome to a bright Monday morning pray your heart is filled with happiness and your day be filled with great blessings. May your life radiate the light of God. Stay Blessed.”

    16. “Thank God for making us see another beautiful day. As you set to begin the week I pray you to encounter your divine helper. Your day will be a blessing. Happy Monday.”

    17. “As you start this new week, may it mark the beginning of new things in your life. May you encounter great and wonderful things that will always remind you that you are blessed. Stay fulfilled.”

    18. “On this day I pray that God opens doors of opportunities and blessings on you. There is nothing stopping you because he will give you the wisdom to use his blessings wisely. Do have a fabulous day.”

    19. “Thank God it’s Monday! I pray that God’s Grace overshadow you, and his favor will be over you that everyone you come across today will see the Goodness of God in your life. Start your blessed day with style.”

    20. “As you start the week I pray that you shall not lack any good thing the new week has to offer. With the new day, expect new opportunities. I hope you make good use of them. Have a fabulous blessed Monday.”



    1. “Ok Monday, let’s do this!”

    2. “It’s Monday. Let’s go slay!”

    3. “Rise Up & Attack the day with Enthusiasm.”

    4. “Embrace the fresh start that Monday presents. Have a great one.”

    5. “I wish you a day that’s just as awesome as you are. Happy Monday.”

    6. “Mondays would be great if you have the greatness to look forward to.”

    7. “Project positivity. Reject negativity. Be amazing. Have a great Monday.”

    8. “May your day be a blessing, and let beautiful things happen to you today!”

    9. “Hit the ground running. Don’t waste a minute of this week. Happy Monday.”

    10. “I feel that today will be remarkable and very positive. Good Monday My Love!”

    11. “It’s Monday. I’m Happy. I’m Blessed. God is going to do amazing things this week.”

    12. “May you find the strength to overcome every obstacle on your way to success today. Amen.”

    13. “May this Monday usher in newness of life for you. May you enjoy new beginnings. Amen.”

    14. “Get away from negative vibes. Love the ones who treat you right. Have a great Monday.”

    15. “May you be so outstanding today that even your enemies will come to learn from you. Amen.”

    16. “It’s Monday. Get a new perspective. Whatever obstacle you’re facing, it’s not permanent.”

    17. “Good Morning! Have courage… 💪 Nothing to start the day already complaining about Monday!”

    18. “May this day be beautiful and mark the beginning of a wonderful and very productive week.”

    19. “Good morning and I wish you a nice week ahead! Enjoy every day to the maximum, always with optimism and great joy.”

    20. “May our week be richly blessed, May the Lord enlighten us, protect us and free us from all evil, amen! Good morning and happy Monday.”



  1. “Arise and shine. It’s Monday.”

  2. “May this Monday be light, sweet and pass quickly!”

  3. “Winning begins with a positive attitude. Be positive.”

  4. “A new week dawns today. Cheers to a week of possibilities.”

  5. “Ready for another week of joy and surprises? Good Monday!”

  6. “Monday is not a bad day for those who know where they want to go.”

  7. “Be a better person than you were last week. Overcome your limitations.”

  8. “For today: Make yourself happy … just because you deserve it. Happy Monday”

  9. “Forget last week’s failures. Monday presents a fresh start. You can begin again.”

  10. “Chart the course you want to go this week. Begin today. Have a happy Monday.”

  11. “Embrace the first day of the week with a smile and it will reward you with positive energy.”

  12. “I’m sure this Monday will be wonderful and the coming week very special. Good Morning!”

  13. “Monday: Fresh coffee to wake up, good mood to start again and a lot of desire to overcome.”

  14. “Hey, it’s Monday. Remember you can change the course of your life by living deliberately.”

  15. “Monday presents a new opportunity to begin anew and take a fresh shot at greatness. May you achieve greatness.”

  16. “Remember, no matter what this week brings, you can handle it. Have a great Monday and a great week ahead.”

  17. “Monday: May the day be filled with good news, whole joys, good people, true smiles and endless blessings! Good morning!”

  18. “Because God is great I know that this new week will be blessed and everything good will happen in the tranquility of everyday life.”

  19. “After a good weekend of rest we return to the routine, do not start your week complaining. The best way to start is by thanking. Always be grateful for another day. Good Monday.”

  20. “Trust: the blessings you are asking for are already set to arrive! Today, tomorrow or maybe later, it does not matter when what matters is having the wisdom and patience to wait for God’s time.”


  1. “Monday, okay! But first, coffee!!!”

  2. “The problem is not Monday, it’s your life.”

  3. “Oh, come on. It’s Monday, not doomsday.”

  4. “Hello, Monday? You can be late, no problem.”

  5. “I’m not psychologically prepared for Monday.”

  6. “One day I’d love erased from the week, Mondays.”

  7. “Tuesdays make me so thankful I survived Mondays.”

  8. “May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”

  9. “Dear Monday, I wish you’d get tired and take a break.”

  10. “I’m putting Monday up for auction. Bidding starts now.”

  11. “Today is Monday and do not dare to tell me good morning!”

  12. “Who delivered Monday? I’d like to have it returned, please.”

  13. “It’s just Monday and it looks like I’ve had a long tiring week.”

  14. “Why Monday is far from Friday and Friday is near Monday?”

  15. “Monday go get a life and stop being so imposing every week.”

  16. “Thank God it’s Monday. A productive Monday spells money.”

  17. “Monday is very special but I would rather have two Sundays.”

  18. “Monday, can you please take a little more time before coming?”

  19. “I need something that’s more than coffee but less than cocaine.”

  20. “How can it be Monday already? It was Friday like a minute ago.”

  21. “Mondays spell work and I’m still in a weekend, work-free mode.”

  22. “Can we break this up Monday? Considering we’re not into each other.”

  23. “Monday can you please leave already? You’re no longer welcome here.”

  24. “Hey, Monday. Do you ever do anything else than turning up each week?”

  25. “I think I would be happier if after Sunday I jumped straight into Friday.”

  26. “The best part about Mondays? I get to start afresh and right my mistakes.”

  27. “Hello, world. By popular demand, Monday’s been canceled till further notice.”

  28. “A day on Mercury lasts approximately 1480 hours. The same as a Monday on Earth.”

  29. “I know it sounds a little crazy, but I love Monday. Good morning to all the crazy like me!”

  30. “Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.”



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